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Dating takamine serial numbers way

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Takamine guitars are made at the foot of the Takamine mountain in Sakashita in Japan; the company has been producing guitars for over 40 years. Working out the date of your Takamine guitar is easy for most models, and with the aid of a serial number you can usually pinpoint the age of your guitar down to the precise day on which it was made.

Locate the serial number on your guitar. This will be inside the sound hole, on the interior of the body. The serial number will generally be eight digits long. The serial number can be used to date the guitar on all Takamine guitars other than the G series, which do not have a simple rule that can be used to date them. Copy the serial number down onto a piece of paper. Note the first two digits of the serial number. This is the year in which your guitar was made. The Takamine company was only founded in , so any low numbers will be relating to the 21st century as opposed to the 20th.

Read the next two digits. These represent the month in which your guitar was made. Convert the following two numbers to a date.

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Dating takamine acoustic guitars – If you are a middle-aged woman Yamaha guitar serial number will also butcher the year of 34 – 13 of both.

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TAKAMINE ACOUSTIC GUITAR, SERIAL NUMBER , S Subject to Additions & Deletions – Auction Date & Times May Change.

View unanswered posts View active topics. Moderator: alpep. It is currently Tue Aug 25, pm. Posted: Fri Nov 13, am. I know it was built in Taiwan, but I can’t tell from the serial number when it was manufactured. Can anyone help with dating it? Posted: Fri Nov 13, pm. Posted: Sun Nov 15, am. Take a look at the serial nr.


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I have a takamine f serial I need help with the serial number that is inked onto the headstock inside dating soundhole. While most serial guitars.

Acoustic electric guitars for sale in New Zealand. Buy and sell Acoustic electric guitars on Trade Me. Unambiguous fossils of Smilax date back at least to the early middle Eocene Wilde, F, G Details of E showing hyaline, spiny leaf margin and secondaries. Join date: Dec When trying to find out more about the guitar, I discovered that G series serial numbers dont follow the normal trend. Explore Acoustic Guitar, Dating, and more! I just got this guitar a, Takamine. The papers are arranged in twelve main series:.

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How Old Is My Guitar? Use the Serial Number!

Do you own a Martin Guitar or are you looking to buy an older Martin Guitar and want to verify the model number and the date of it’s build? In the table matrix below is a listing of all the acoustic guitars made by C. Martin Guitars starting in So we have listed the year of manufacture, the starting serial number for that year and the ending serial number for that year and the total number of instruments constructed during that year.

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Thanks for any assistance. I have a takamine f serial I need help with the serial number that is inked onto the headstock inside dating soundhole. While most serial guitars have 8 numbers in their serial can mine only is inked. It does have a paper label in your sound hole much like a dollar bill numbers your it how an f. I tell the guitar in the early 70s an I am wondering why it only has 4 numbers in its serial number. I can never really cared what it was worth because she is my baby!

However, in looking at the “logic” numbers the serial numbers, I find that mine is a bit strange. Any idea when it takamine made? I bought your guitar from a friend back in aug. I have Model F and SN is. The only negative is that it is not a loud acoustic.

Takamine guitars

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Were is This Guitar Made, China? See all questions about this product. All Takamine’s are designed in Japan by Takamine. The G series models this guitar are built in China or Korea. Takamine builds all pro series models in Japan. This is a wonderful guitar! Do you find this helpful? Yes No Report abuse. Yes this guitar was made in china. Designed at the Takamine Corp office in Japan but is crafted in China by the specifications of Takamine.

This is a very fine guitar. I love the cedar top and mahogany body. Great sounding guitar and plays very good. I will say compared to all other guitars the neck isn’t very thick.

Dating Takamine G Series

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Thankfully Takamine serial numbers are a little more straight forward than some other guitar companies. This article will look at what your Takamine serial number can tell you about your guitar and how to decode that number. It also tells you which number guitar produced your guitar was, during the particular month — i. This might give you some clue as to the day in the month it was made but not an accurate one — for example, if your guitar was the 5 th built that month, then it was likely to be on one of the first days of the month.

Takamine serial numbers are typically found on the neck block where the neck joins the body on the inside of the body of the guitar. Now we come the important part — decoding the serial number. Thankfully this is fairly straight forward when it comes to Takamine, though there are, as usual, a few extras. There are a couple of different serial number systems depending on which model and depending on where they were made and distributed. From our example serial number we can see that this guitar would have been built in 08 , in April 04 and it was the st guitar built that month.

Said another way, this was the st Pro Series guitar that Takamine built in April of However, this system is only relevant for up to the end of — after that they adopted a new system see overseas models below. I might have lied, just a little. The G series is the exception.

How to Date a Takamine Guitar

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The main things that Takamine’s serial number tells you is the date your guitar was built – more specifically the month and the year – not the exact day.

Sigma Guitars is a guitar manufacturing brand originally released by C. Martin as a line of guitars at affordable prices to compete with the increasing number of imported guitars from Japan and elsewhere. The Sigma line was discontinued by Martin in Since the U. They are distributed and sold in the U. Current range of Sigma instruments include acoustic and classical guitars, acoustic basses and ukuleles.

American company C. Martin created the brand “Sigma” in order to compete with cheaper guitars that were imported from Asia. The first Sigmas were typically dreadnought acoustic, although Grand Concert Series GCS and classical models were also produced from the early s ?

Takamine EF360SC (2003 made in Japan) Guitar Review, playing, talking, and more