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The Latin adverb sic “thus”, “just as”; in full: sic erat scriptum , “thus was it written” [1] inserted after a quoted word or passage indicates that the quoted matter has been transcribed or translated exactly as found in the source text, complete with any erroneous, archaic, or otherwise nonstandard spelling or punctuation. It also applies to any surprising assertion, faulty reasoning, or other matter that might be likely interpreted as an error of transcription. The typical usage is to inform the reader that any errors or apparent errors in quoted material do not arise from errors in the course of the transcription, but are intentionally reproduced, exactly as they appear in the source text. It is generally placed inside square brackets to indicate that it is not part of the quoted matter. Sic may also be inserted derisively, to call attention to the original writer’s spelling mistakes or erroneous logic, or to show general disapproval or dislike of the material. Though occasionally misidentified as an abbreviated word, sic is a Latin adverb used in English as an adverb, and, derivatively, as a noun and a verb. The adverb sic , meaning “intentionally so written”, first appeared in English circa According to the Oxford English Dictionary , the verbal form of sic , meaning “to mark with a sic “, emerged in , E. Belfort Bax ‘s work in The Ethics of Socialism being an early example.

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Related to intentional: Intentional infliction of emotional distress , Intentional communities. Done deliberately; intended: an intentional slight. See Synonyms at voluntary.

1Done consciously and intentionally. ‘a deliberate attempt to provoke conflict’. More example sentences. ‘We have reason to believe at this point in time with the​.

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Tell us about this example sentence:.

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In academic, historical, and archaeological circles, A. Dates are determined by a variety of processes, including chemical analyses as in radiocarbon dating and thermoluminescence , data correlation as in dendrochronology , and a variety of other tests. See Relative Dating. Acheulean — A stone tool industry, in use from about 1.

The Problem with Unintentional Reinforcement. Unfortunately, most reinforcement in dating situations is not intentional. As a result, “cookies” are.

And that’s because the queer community has its softbois too. For years, since the early s, posts on Tumblr referenced an early iteration of the tenderqueer, which has changed slightly. Now, they’re hard to define, but easy to recognise. Or maybe you are one yourself. The tenderqueer has no problem getting laid. Their laidback attitude and ability to look genuinely stylish in clothes usually reserved for nursery school children is like a magnet for fellow queers hanging around basements in Peckham and Deptford.

Their aptitude for giving home haircuts with any nearby implements, or their propensity for gifting you with a vegan wax candle they made during a poetry residence in France makes you want to just be near them. Tenderqueers are especially adept at using the watery language of therapy as a means to get out of most things. To be clear: there is absolutely nothing wrong with using the aforementioned type of language — far from it.

When queer people are more likely to have experienced violence and abuse, it is radical to cultivate and encourage a culture of softness and positivity within our community and modes of interaction. It’s more about wearing that type of language as an aesthetic. In other words: just like the straight softboi who uses performative sensitivity to get away with being a little shit sometimes, so does the tenderqueer. They were probably crocheting rucksacks at free love communes in the s, and they were probably there in, like, the 17th century, rearing a family of cows and seducing milk maids.

But something about the internet — and the language and culture propagated by the internet — has made these tenderqueers suddenly more present than seemed before.


Absolute : Unconditional; complete; final; without any restrictions or conditions. Acceleration : Causing a debt to become due immediately, before its scheduled date, due to a default. Accident : An unexpected, unforeseen event.

This is often seen in dating scenarios where the woman will play with her hair, palm out, while talking to someone in whom she is interested. 5. RUNNING.

Our law firm is still here for you during this time of uncertainty. We are open and conducting business without interruption. Accepted Claim. A claim in which the insurance company accepts that your injury or illness will be covered by workers compensation. A statement of acceptance of responsibility. The short declaration at the end of a legal paper showing that the paper was duly executed and acknowledged.

In the legal sense, a formal complaint or a suit brought in court. An increase by a judge of the amount of damages awarded by a jury. Adjudicate, Adjudication. Giving or pronouncing a judgment or decree. Also the judgment given. Administrative Agency. Governmental body responsible for administering and implementing a particular legislation, such as laws governing traffic safety or workers’ compensation. These agencies may have rulemaking power and judge-like authority to decide disputes.

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Use mislead in a sentence. An example of to mislead is for a man to flirt with a woman in whom he is really not interested. Sentences Sentence examples.

Asexuality is not the same as celibacy, which is the intentional absence of sexual activities. Retrieved August 24, (​asexuality/). Chicago/Turabian: Author-Date – Chicago Manual of Style (16th edition).

Strategy Dictionary Update We originally published this post about 12 months ago, but have since added more definitions and will continue to update as we move forward. You can download a PDF version of this page, which will also mean that we’ll let you know when we’ve added new terminology to it! Strategy isn’t a science. There are frameworks, guides, and common semantics – but ultimately strategy is the art of creating a direction for your organization, then doing whatever it takes to get there.

Because of this reality, a huge body of work has arisen both online and offline that addresses the topic. Writing on strategy is almost always subjective and often contradictory. The terminology that people use is often used interchangeably – meaning that strategy newcomers often get stuck in a mire of confusing research rather than getting on with the real job of making things happen.

With over 1,, hits per year to this very blog, I’m sure that we’re as guilty as anyone to contributing to the confusion around strategy terminology. As such, we decided to create our own strategy dictionary which we originally posted back in early You’ll find these terms regularly throughout this blog and also in our own strategy platform Cascade. Let us know what terms you would add to our strategy dictionary in the comments below, or if you feel like our definitions are ever wide of the mark.

The action plan lists the specific actions that must be taken, by whom and by when in order to achieve an overall goal or implement a strategy.

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In insurance parlance, a term that is included within the insuring agreement of many types of liability insurance. In most cases, however, common law becomes the determinant of what is, or is not, an accident for purposes of triggering coverage. BM coverage applies to loss or damage resulting from an accident to a covered object. The term accident was undefined in such policies.

In this type of policy, the term accident is used in its ordinary sense, without including it as a defined term. This typically involves investigation of the loss and a determination of the extent of coverage. In the context of first-party e.

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Do you wake up every morning ready to face the day? Are you generally happy? Do you feel engaged and excited to live your life?

Learning Across Contexts: A Multiple Case Study of Mobile Dictionary in Chinese EFL learners’ Incidental and Intentional Vocabulary Learning.

Enter a Legal Term. Search the Definitions. Magna Carta n. Latin for “Great Charter,” it was a document delineating a series of laws establishing the rights of English barons and major landowners and limiting the absolute authority of the King of England. It became the basis for the rights of English citizens. It was signed reluctantly by King John on Ju The rule may also apply to mailing payments of in Originally, in English common law it meant to cut off or permanently cripple a body part like an arm, leg, hand or foot.

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